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Jimmy Roy, Dennis Brock, Stephen Nikleva Jimmy Roy and Stephen Nikleva Rocket Revellers performing

Let's Have Some Fun

(Jesse Thomas)

Hearts of Stone

(Fontayne Sisters)

Mike Van Eyes on the piano Stephen Nikleva
Rocket Revellers TV

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As far as my past as a musician, well there’s a saying about singers, ‘we just hang out with musicians’ but honestly growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area it was a big scene.


I played in many bands and kept moving up until i was playing the best clubs at the best hour with the lineups of people around the block but I worked my trade for about 10 years to get there. Record contracts and ego blew up a very good band called Skin & Bonz which won us the battle of the bands for the whole Bay Area but I learned something after it fell apart, you gotta just love the music and if other folks dig it, great! Just let what will be, be what it will.


I went off to a trip to Memphis to see and here where it all kinda started. Elvis, Blues etc, I found out who wrote the songs before they were pop/rock hits. I found Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon, Carl Perkins and my fav Jr Parker and so on, I came back home and cut off about 2 feet of my hair and started a jump blues band called Denny & the Magnets. We recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis where Cash, Elvis, Perky and Parker all started it was magic and our first gig was on live TV!


Right now I couldn’t be happier to be playing with true legends like Jimmy Roy!



Dennis Brock


Jimmy Roy

A professional musician since the 1970's, Vancouver's Jimmy Roy has performed at various festivals and clubs across North America, Europe, and Japan.

At home in any venue, Jimmy has graced the stage at
the prestigious Grand Ole Opry several times, and has enjoyed appearances on television, as a guest on both Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and The Today Show.


A multi-instrumentalist, Jimmy plays guitar, dobro,

bass, and western swing-style peddle steel.


His talents in demand, he has backed legendary performers such as Wanda Jackson, Narvel Felts,

Joe Clay, Big Al Downing, Marvin Rainwater, and has toured with The Knotty Pines, Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys, Ray Condo & His Ricochets, to name a few.


He is featured on the recordings: 'It’s Time!', and 'Turntable Matinee' (Big Sandy) and 'High & Wild',

'Swing Brother Swing', 'Door to Door Maniac', and

'Come On!' (Ray Condo & His Ricochets.)


He lives in Vancouver with his 2 children and enjoys

life as a performer and a teacher.





Stephen's first recording as a side man is now a collector's piece of vinyl, often selling at $100. His recordings with pop star Sarah McLachlan have garnered millions of sales, but it is work with Vancouver's Roots/Americana scene that he is most well known
and respected for.

A long time association with Jimmy Roy goes back to the late  80's when he became a founding member of Jimmy Roy's Five Star Hillbillies, joining them on their legendary recording, and touring with them through Europe. That band became the nucleus

for Ray Condo & The Ricochets, with 3 albums and countless North American and European tours.

Currently working with The Rocket Revellers, Stephen is known for injecting exciting never-heard-before-solo ideas into the rockabilly and swing music this band plays.


Stephen Nikleva


Mike Van Eyes

Mike Van Eyes is Vancouver’s premiere boogie woogie rock ‘n’ roll piano player.


He’s contributed his magic keys to an extraordinary amount of great artists from his roles in the city’s legendary R&B troupe, The Epics – and the all-star band of rockers, The Trespassers, with members of DOA and the Scramblers,

to his past stints with the Herald Nix band (where he toured with The Clash and even sat in with Howlin’ Wolf’s band), Colin James, The Yodell’s, The Undertakin’ Daddies and Peewee Clayton.


Mike Van Eyes can play any stage – truly loved by young and old, everyone from hipsters to seniors love great music played with the fervor, passion and skill that Mike and his all-star troupe bring.


Mike has headlined numerous festivals in recent years as well as packing most of Vancouver’s acclaimed music haunts such as the Railway Club and The Yale.


Currently, you can find Mike Van Eyes weekdays at Gastown's Revel Room for sour hour and laying his crazy piano skills down with Rocket Revellers.

Patrick is an outstanding musician who tours and records with several groups, most notably the popular Vancouver bands Headwater and The Leah Abramson Singers. He brings a solid swinging sound to his playing that instantly propels

people onto the dance floor.





Patrick Metzger






"My nickname in the music world is Hollywood... because I'm so not."


Vancouver B.C. born, I'm a performance and studio drummer. I specialize in Roots style music and thrive on playing Blues, Old Country, Rockabilly,R&B and old Rock &Roll.


Performance and recording credits include:


Juno-nominated James Buddy Rogers, Long John Baldry, Jimmy D Lane, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Harpdog Brown, Steve Kozak, Nigel Mack, lesismore, The Mojo Stars, Phat Edna's Soul Revue, Lonesome Sinners, and of course, the Rocket Revellers.

Stephen Nikleva
Hollywood Jimmie
Patrick Metzger
Mike Van Eyes
Jimmy Roy
Rocket Revellers lead singer, Dennis Brock.

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